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Think about how many skincare ads you see in an average week. Online banners, television commercials, billboards and magazine pages all hawk a variety of products designed to make your skin wrinkle-free, unblemished, evenly-colored, small-pored and soft.

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Each year, Los Angeles galleries return from summer vacation choosing a date for their next big opening. The Saturday after Labor Day has notoriously been the busiest day in the LA art world.

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Images of an infant's face marked with a plastic surgeon's pen and an elderly woman with wrinkled skin that glows green under the light of a tanning bed are just some of the deeply disturbing images that will be displayed at Gusford Gallery as part of Oliver Jones's solo exhibition, "Love the Skin You're In"


In his latest series, Love the Skin You're In, British atist Oliver Jones considers the implications inherent in how the media advertises, manipulates and exploits the imagery of flesh. Rendered in colored chalk pastel, the artist's application and delicate handling of his medium mirrors the way in which we apply products to our own skin.

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Currently on view at Gusford Los Angeles, Love the Skin You're In is Oliver Jones' first North American solo exhibition. Amazingly rendered in chalk pastels, Jones' larger-than-life photorealist works that comprise this exceptional show push viewers to question identity and the implications that come with the pursuit of perfection.

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Oliver Jones' Drawings Examine Advertising And Its Effects On The Ideals Of Beauty

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A Birmingham artist is taking a new exhibition to LA. He talks to Graham Young about capturing the human face in his work.


You need to look no further than Victoria Wild, the human sex doll, to know that people are going to absurd lengths to alter their physical appearances these days.

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21 leading young artists in the West Midlands to look out for in 2016

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Aging. Being a prune with dignity is not an easy task. Looking younger is a social obsession and there's no need to be 60 to be all paranoid; you've already started to check you expression wrinkles not to be anything more than actually expression based.

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In both his subject matter and technique, Jones underscores the rituals that are undertaken to simulate an impression of that which is reflected back to us in the media.

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This contemporary art gallery represents emerging and mid-career local and international artists. We had the pleasure of meeting with #glowgirl, gallery owner and director Kelsey Lee Offield for a tour of the current exhibition.

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Artist Oliver Jones strikingly life-like portraits questioning the pursuit of beauty and will go on display in a major solo exhibition in Los Angeles this Autumn.

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Love The Skin You're In: Photorealistic artworks that highlight our need to look perfect

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Using colored chalk pastels, Jones' utilization of both fragility and translucency bring out his subjects skin surface.

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Birmingham-based artist, present his new serie LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN, inspired on industry slogans and tag lines the works aim to re-asvertise a more thruth image of the flesh and the ritual undertaken to achieve these falsified visions that are too familiar

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Plastic surgery, body wraps, creams, laser treatments, diets, starvation and the like are extremely unnatural aspects of human life.

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Have you ever thought about all the weird things we do as a species to appear more "beautiful"? While male peacocks spread out their feathers and penguins puff up their chests, humans undergo some decidedly more messy - and even dangerous - procedures.

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Today's science, coupled with commerce that appeals to society's vain traits, means that humanity no longer has to leave everything down to nature. We feel that we also need to be part of the design.

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These Hyperrealistic Paintings Will Forever Change The Way You Understand Perfection

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large scale photo-realistic drawings using paper and chalk pastel as their fragile properties reflect and enhance the fragile nature of the flesh.

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It is this immediate and drastic change of environments that has led him to become perceptive and greatly analytical of the world around us.


Oliver Jones from Birmingham City University was selected from the six to continue onto a group show at the White Box Gallery in New York City.