Event Date Location Link
A3 Project Space – Preview 10th July Birmingham
Young Masters Art Prize 16th Sept – 5th Dec Lloyds Club - London
Young Masters Art Prize 14th – 31st Oct Sphinx Fine Art - London
Small is Beautiful 20th Nov – 10th Jan Flowers Gallery - NYC
London Art Fair 21st – 25th Jan 2015 London
Cynthia Corbett Gallery - Focus on painting 1st – 13th June Coningsby Gallery - London
Texas Contemporary Art Fair 1st – 4th October Houston - Texas
Young Masters - Dialogues 12th – 24th October Sphinx Fine Art - London
Travelers in Time 4th - 22nd Nov SITE/109 Gallery - NYC
SALON 13th - 23rd Dec Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Art Miami, Art Fair 1st – 6th Dec Art Miami | Booth C3 - Miami
Small is Beautiful 19th Nov – 2nd Jan 2016 Flowers Gallery - NYC
Ruskin Prize (shortlisted) 26th Feb – 16th April New Art Gallery Walsall - Walsall
Ruskin Prize 6th – 22nd May Electricians Shop - London
Divine (solo exhibition) 5th Aug – 20th Nov New Art Gallery Walsall - Walsall
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Oliver Jones

Oliver Jones is an artist based in the UK working from his studios in both rural Shropshire and Birmingham where he co-runs A3 Project Space and Studios. His work is most fundamentally concerned with flesh, in particular how its image exists and how it is interpreted in society. Jones’ large scale, photo-realistic pastel works aim to question societies notion of flesh, provoking the viewer to analyse the surfaces which are more closely evident in reality opposed to the manipulated imagery we are flaunted most apparently through media and industry.

"Flesh is one of the most abundant and influential cues we are exposed to in our modern day lives, yet the frequency of its image has led us to become unquestioning of it, allowing its image to evolve into something far removed from how it exists in reality. Industries eagerness to reflect a false and manipulated vision has induced, within our perception, a sense that these images are the norm. It has prompted society to become familiar and accepting of an idealised image that is far removed from the everyday, in instances accentuating our narcissism and vanity and prompting a pursuit of perfection and an alternate reflection”

Yet due to its frequency and industries eagerness to reflect an alternate version of reality these falsities have the capacity within our perception to be accepted as the norm. It induces society to become familiar and accepting of an idealised image that is far removed from the everyday and has accentuated our narcissistic and vain traits prompting a pursuit of perfection or alternate reflection and leads to a shrouded image of reality."

Given that advertising is one of the most powerful ambassadors of such an image Jones adopts similar techniques in his work in an attempt to 're-advertise' and exemplify a more common and truthful representation of flesh.

"My work aims to exemplify this improper refelction of the flesh commonly advertised, manipulated and exploited, by reflecting a more honest image of reality. The works take the form of large scale photo-realistic drawings using the fragile properties of paper and chalk pastel as the medium to reflect and enhance the fragile nature of the flesh. More importantly the application is so closely comparable to the way we apply products, touch and handle skin that the process symbolises the routines and rituals we go thorough to maintain it. The time taken during this process also aims to dispel the immediacy of the instant and technological portrayal of the exterior that we have become accustomed to."

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